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There are a few important points about our cover we need to confirm, so you can check that our Named Young Driver Insurance policy suits your needs.

Your insurance

  1. The policy will cover you for your chosen mileage for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting.
  2. I understand that I am not covered if I have not told the DVLA about any notifiable medical condition which could affect the validity of my licence.  

You and your parents' car

  1. You have been a permanent resident in the UK for the last three years.
  2. The main driver of the specified car must be a parent, grandparent or guardian. This car must remain insured throughout the term of this policy.
  3. The car is not left hand drive.
  4. You and the registered keeper of the vehicle will send us copies of your driving licence and the vehicle's V5 logbook within 24 hours of your policy start date.
  5. The car owner will have full authority to renew, cancel, make changes to, and receive all communications relating to, the policy.

Telematics and your policy

  1. You will be required to download the Marmalade Young Driver app onto your smartphone and enter the activation code you will receive to allow your smartphone to pair with the telematics tag.
  2. The phone must be taken on every trip in the car, with Bluetooth and location services enabled, and remain charged to more than 10% throughout the trip to ensure accurate recording of every trip.
  3. You will need to advise any driver of the car that trip data will be collected and visible to the insurer, Marmalade, our telematics provider, you and the car owner.
  4. If the trips recorded by the telematics device fall outside of the acceptance criteria of this policy, you and the owner of the car will receive a notification. Your policy may be cancelled with 7 days notice if your driving continually falls outside the acceptance criteria. Learn more

If you confirm your understanding of the above statements and you wish to proceed, please read the terms of business document and click Proceed to Step 2.

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